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About the coach
Nagornova Ekaterina

— The winner of more than 45 international and all-russian tournaments in Rhythmic Gymnastics

— World Championship Winner in Aesthetic gymnastics (2011)

— Candidate of Master of Sports in both Rhythmic and Aesthetic Gymnastics

— More than 5 years of coaching experience with groups up to 20 athletes
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Classes are held via Zoom video-conference service:
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More about the coach

19 years of experience in both Rhythmic and Aesthetic Gymnastics

Top 6 Rhythmic Gymnast in Moscow (2008-2009)

Key Methods: concentration on the variety of exercises and quality of performance;
creation of a motivating environment (support and encouragement of each step towards the achievement of the goals);
correction of the program based on the intermediate results;

Been trained with these coaches and now practice their methods:
Marina Nikolaeva (the student of Irina Viner, the world champion in rhythmic gymnastics, the coach of the Russian National team), Chaplygina Irina (the winner of the European Championship) and Olga Ponikarova (coach of the Winners of World Champions 2005, and 2011-2012)

— The winner of the World Championship in Aesthetic Gymnastics (2011), the winner of the World Cup in Aesthetic Gymnastics (2011), the prize-winner of the Russian Championship in Aesthetic Gymnastics (2011), the member of the Russian national aesthetic gymnastics team (2011), the winner and prize-winner of 23 all-Russian and international competitions in rhythmic gymnastics

— More than 10 publications in press
Correction of the program based on goals and the intermediate results
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